Year 9 Week 9

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All Subjects Summary

Work resources are now located entirely on google classrooms, please ensure you have enrolled onto them and you are completing all work assigned.

For year 9 students we are now only expecting you to complete work for your chosen subject (The table below has now been updated to reflect the additional subjects)

Parents should have received a statement via email confirming GCSE choices. If you have not received it, a copy is also available under reports within the Sims Parent App or can also be obtained by contacting

If any of you are having difficulty completing work via google classroom please take a moment to watch this video:


Below you will find a brief summary of all the work that has been set for this week.

There is work for each of the lessons that students would have had at school, however, we would ask both guardians and students to consider wellbeing and although we would want the work to be completed to support their education when we return to school, please take time for other activities such as cooking, mindfulness etc and ensure exercise forms part of your everyday routine (Joe Wicks is leading a 9am workout every morning on the body coach you tube site.)

Although we feel that this school work is extremely important for all the students we also appreciate that their mental health is so important during these unknown times. We have recently sent an email to all students put together by the Mental Health Ambassadors, reminding students that there is information, advice and guidance on the Chase Care pages and useful numbers for organisations offering vital support such as Kooth.


If still experiencing technical difficulty please contact

Subject Google Classroom Code Activities (See classroom resources)

mf5bgzr9QIA DS/GS
omtmry59QJU CK/LC




-Annotate Scenes 5-9

-Fill in Summary grid in your Macbeth booklet on pg. 17

-Fill in quotations for these scenes on pg. 27/28

-Complete the Then and Now activity on pg. 42

-Watch the videos on Mr Bruff for Act 5, link available in week 1


Individual Class Teachers for your code

Please see the individual classes for work 

All work is to be completed on MyMaths with deadlines set accordingly with ‘Online Homework’ completed to match the work. 

Topics include:

Probability revision

Listing outcomes

Experimental probability

Relative frequency

Independent probability

Making tree diagram


Individual Class Teachers for your code

Individual classes are working on different work please refer to google classroom

Topics include:

  • Organisation and digestive system
  • Organic chemistry

Ms Eberle:mg5bd63

Mrs Smith: 4axt4k2

Miss Brock: f53oyve

Mr Rust: ejhbuuh

Complete the activities in the Renaissance medicine work booklet two. You will need to complete all activities on Vesalius and Harvey.

Complete the fact test that has been set as an assignment


Individual class codes – ccontact teachers if you do not know.

Globalisation and Development Topic 

‘Y9 Geography Globalisation & Development’ workbook. Read and complete tasks on pages 6-9 about: The changing world

Mrs George-Plunkett


Mrs Silvester


New GCSE Topic – Social Justice 

Complete week 9 from the workbook:  Prejudice and Discrimination: Equality

Examine religious belief and teachings about the roles of men and women, gender equality, gender prejudice and gender discrimination.


TBA Revise Week 2 of module 5’s vocab list that you learnt before half term then complete the test in Google Quiz. Don’t use your book, see what you can remember.


Retrieval practice – what can you remember from week 8? Complete the starter quiz and see! Again, do this from memory.


Task 1 – read the green box that outlines the difference between jouer à and jouer de then complete the sentence with the correct preposition.

Task 2 – using the picture to help you, listen to the 8 sentences and note how often people do each activity.

Task 3 – read the text and answer the questions


TBA Learn this week’s vocab Spanish. Week 2 in module 5.

Assignment Week 9: EN LA FARMACIA. Follow instructions in the assignment and learn the new vocabulary about symptoms and remedies. Do the listening and write in your books the conversations (Extension: introduce the past tense in your conversation)


  • Learn vocab sections E and F, colours and school objects
  • Work through the exercises below, making notes in an exercise book. Then input your answers into the Google Form.
  • Page12 – ex 1 Listening, in what order do you hear the objects? Listen carefully to the pronunciation
  • Page 12 – ex 2 reading. What is the missing word in the gap and which picture does it match? The K1 def and indef articles Grammatik worksheet will help with this. Print if you can, if not just read for explanations.
  • Page 12 – ex 6 reading. Translate the description of the school bag in your head and then work out which item is missing
  • Log into Linguascope beginners and on the blue tab (das tägliche Leben – daily life), find the section called ‘in meinem Etui’. Play, practice then take the final test, ‘teste dich’. 
  • If you can, print out the worksheet (Arbeitsblatt) die Farben and complete. You can take a photo and upload to GC to show me your hard work. 



  • Write a description of the contents or your pencil case, using an online dictionary such as linguee to extend your vocab. If you have learnt about adjectives and how to make them agree include these too. Ideally type up in word and e-mail for feedback. You can even upload a photo so I can check your description is accurate!

9QA – qappgkl

9QB – iz6ceaf

9QC – x3liv6t

9QD – fuswfcl

9RA – pzw3zis

9RB – pugk7g2

9RC – swoga2l

9RD – zbdkop4

Evaluating New and Emerging Technologies

Read through Chapter 1.2 in the PDF and complete the work on the worksheet

jgbs2ql Street Art

Over the next few weeks you will complete 3 tasks on Corona Street Art.


Task 2 – BANKSY. Create an A3 artist research page on Banksy, include your response to his Corona art work as well. 

Consider how you have responded to your previous lockdown work when you have looked at artists, only interested in

what the work is about and your opinions of it. If you have a printer you can add a couple of images to your page but more important to 

Carefully copy one of Banksy’s pieces of art (see sketchbook

example), add a background, title and your written information to the page.


This should take a minimum of 3 hours

Photography xnb2is3 PORTRAITURE.

These tasks should take a few weeks to do with the deadline for task 1 12th June and task 2 17th July.

Follow the Task sheet that can be found on the classroom 

  • Watch video and make notes on taking better photographs
  • Using what you have learned from the video, take about 5 pictures showing your use of The Rule of Thirds.
  • Your second task is to change your face (or someone else) in 10 different ways. Whether you choose to use yourself and do self-portraits, or use a model, you need to stick to the same person on all 10 photographs.
iMedia You will receive an invite for new GCSE classroom code shortly IDEA – Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award 


We are expecting ALL Year 9 students to complete an iDEA

Bronze award and by now all students should be registered –

(see the instructions above).


The following are recommended units for iMedia:

Maker Category:

  • Video editing
  • Animation
  • GIF Editing
  • Graphic Design

Worker Category:

  • Image Specialist
  • Colours


We will be posting further preparatory work and creating a separate classroom area for this.

py7rsny IDEA – Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award 


We are expecting ALL Year 9 students to complete an iDEA

Bronze award and by now all students should be registered –

(see the instructions above).


The following are recommended units for Computer Science:

Citizen Category:

  • Internet and Web
  • Cyber Security

Worker Category

  • Sys Admin
  • Random Coding

Maker Category

  • Coding Solutions
  • Making Websites

Gamer Category ( you have to get to this via your Badge

Store – I don’t know why)

  • Game Designer
  • Make a Game
  • Python Quiz

9Q- Core PE- 5dj6sb3

9R- Core PE- jor6vpf


Challenges and fitness training programme to complete on health-related fitness components


Skeletal System – Types of joints and movement at the joint

Google Meet – Monday 8 th June – 10am


BTEC Sport

3 Core skills will be investigated and written about in accordance to the two leaders from last week

Performing Arts (Dance) mbfho6g
xq6khh4 (OLD Code)

You will receive a new one for GCSE

Continue to work through all the Focus on Sound work. These marks will be saved automatically.

Research the terms on Classical Music. Write down definitions for each term.

Complete the listening quiz on Sonata K545 by Mozart which will test your knowledge of these

ludrcrx CSE Drama


  1. Find a newspaper article either national or local (it may be online) that appeals to you- it may be funny or sad and/or cover important issues (like the pandemic or recent issues in America);
  2. Print off a partial copy or screen shot or copy out the important sections- hold on to it for next term ;
  3. Write down a few notes about the article- answering these questions :
  4.  Why does it stand out to you?/why do you like it? ;
  5. Is there a central character or focus in the article?;
  6.  What is the major theme of the article?
  7. Extension: How could this article be the stimulus for a piece of Drama? Jot down a few ideas in a mind map please.
  8. Keep watching the NT productions and finish the work due in on 12th June
  9. Have a look at the Severn Arts on line classes which are on offer and may be of interest to some of you (details on the GC)
Performing Arts (Design)