Year 9 Week 5

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All Subjects Summary

Some Google Classrooms at KS3 have changed to enable teachers to communicate more effectively with students keep an eye out for instructions from teaching staff on existing classrooms

Below you will find a brief summary of all the work that has been set for this week.   Please use the links below to go to subject areas which contain summary sheets, These will be updated as the week’s progress.

The links contain files which will have more detail on the work for each subject along with the resources that may be needed. We appreciate not everyone will have printers at home so students should feel free to simply write out the completed work on blank paper and look to have the correct headings for when this is brought into school. We would recommend trying to keep all the work that has been completed in the subject books which students all have or if on pieces of paper all within 1 folder.

There is work for each of the lessons that students would have had at school, however, we would ask both guardians and students to consider wellbeing and although we would want the work to be completed to support their education when we return to school, please take time for other activities such as cooking, mindfulness etc and ensure exercise forms part of your everyday routine (Joe Wicks is leading a 9am workout every morning on the body coach you tube site.)

Although we feel that this school work is extremely important for all the students we also appreciate that their mental health is so important during these unknown times. We have recently sent an email to all students put together by the Mental Health Ambassadors, reminding students that there is information, advice and guidance on the Chase Care pages and useful numbers for organisations offering vital support such as Kooth.


We are currently updating this page, apologies if any links break, please check back soon or report the issue via

Click Subject Name for Access to Summary Sheet and Resources

(These locations are updated directly by teaching staff week by week)

All Subjects in Year 9 (Links to Top Level Folder)


Subject Google Classroom Code Activities Resources Location







-Annotate Scenes 4-6 using notes from Google Classroom

-Fill in the Summary box for Act 3 in your booklet in your Macebth booklet pg. 15

-Fill in quotations for these scenes on pg. 24

-Complete remaining character profiles on pgs. 11-12

-Watch Mr Bruff Videos on Act 3 from playlist available in week 1

All resources can be found on school website

-Macbeth text book, exercise book.

-Annotations of Act 1, on Google Classroom for students 

– Mr Bruff Macbeth Play list videos available at: Mr Bruff Youtube Macbeth playlist. See link in activity on the left


All resources can be found here


Individual Class Teachers for your code

Continue to follow Google Classroom work, using  MyMaths 

Equations 2 – multi-step

Equations 3 – both sides

Equations 4 – brackets

Time series



Individual Class Teachers for your code

Individual classes are working on different work please refer to google classroom

Topics include:

  • Organisation and digestive system
  • Organic chemistry
Google ClassroomKerboodle

General Summary Here

Ms Eberle:mg5bd63

Mrs Smith: 4axt4k2

Miss Brock: f53oyve

Mr Rust: ejhbuuh

You have another booklet to complete this week on how people tried to treat and prevent disease in medieval England. 

Please work through all tasks in the booklet. You also have a Youtube video clip to watch and a question sheet to fill in. You have been set a multiple choice quiz to complete. This is due on Thursday 7th May.

All resources are on the school website or on Google Classroom 

Google Classroom


Y9 Geography Glaciation Booklet:

  • MG G1-3: complete tasks 1-6 of the workbook, using page 1 of the textbook to help you.
  • MG G4-9: complete tasks 1-6 of the workbook, using page 1 of the textbook to help you.

  • Y9 Geography Glaciation Booklet found on the school Website (in both Word and pdf formats)
  • ‘Y9 Glaciation Textbook Pages’ found on the school website (pdf format

 Resources Here

Mrs George-Plunkett


Mrs Silvester


Complete lesson 3 from the workbook: Religion & World Issues, Evaluating religious beliefs about the use and abuse of the environment.
Workbook: Religion & World Issues found on google drive via website link



ftc7x37 FRENCH 

  • Learn this week’s vocab for French.
  • This week’s lesson is contained within the Google Slides presentation. 
  • Read through and do the exercises as described in the presentation. For exercise 1 (listening) you fill on your answer using the Google Form quiz attached.
  • Vocab should be learned as usual – every class should be at
  • the same point, so this week’s test is on Week 1. Keep a note of your score as usual.


  • Learn this week’s vocab Spanish.
  • USing instructions on Google CLassroom do the exercises of reading and writing in the powerpoint and do the corrections after each exercise
  • Go to the following address: regular tense/ you must start by reading through the Grammar Explanation (it’s best if you right-click on this, open link in new tab, and then you have it in the background as you go through the exercises. Work through exercises 1-8


  • Learn this week’s French Vocab.
  • This weeks french lesson can be found on the Google Slides presentation in the classroom. 
  • Read through and do the exercises as described in the presentation. For exercise 1 (listening) you fill on your answer using the Google Form quiz attached.
  • Spanish – do the exercises of reading and writing in the powerpoint and do the corrections after each exercise
Full instructions on subject area. 

Google classroom has all information and resources as well as

Google quiz and GCSE Pod

Vocab list is on Google Classroom


9QA – qappgkl

9QB – iz6ceaf

9QC – x3liv6t

9QD – fuswfcl

9RA – pzw3zis

9RB – pugk7g2

9RC – swoga2l

9RD – zbdkop4

Booklet on Bag for Life. This is a TWO week project and you will need to work through the tasks to design a bag for life. Resources can be found on Google Classroom and here

Upload your work to Google classroom for assessment. Remember to upload it to your assigned teacher and class, not to the Whole Year 9 class.

N/A Task 2 from ‘Yr9 new worksheet’.

Write your opinion about Kruger’s work. Please look at more of her work online if you can. Why do you think she makes this type of Art? How does she use the formal elements such as colour and composition to create an impact?


This is the most important part of your preparation for task 3. As with last weeks’ task – it is really important that you understand Barbra Kruger’s work and have explained your thoughts – this will make it easier for you next week.

Resources from the worksheet or found on the internet 


Hand write or complete on the computer, you will be copying this into your sketchbook when we return to school…

Presentation is not that important right now.

Resources can be found here

py7rsny All KS3 students are to register

with the iDEA website and


Go to this website:


Progress is monitoried

throuugh iDEA teacher



work on the Bronze Badge. Please follow the instructions on google classroom on how to register, login and get going to achieve your award! When you are signed up as per the instructions, you will be presented with various categories to choose from, please start on the ‘Citizen’ category – in there you will see lots of ICT related badges, choose one and work your way through, then choose another!

found on Google ClassroomYouTube Link

9Q- Core PE- 5dj6sb3

9R- Core PE- jor6vpf

  • This is a two week piece of work that will be handed in and marked by the staff at the end. 
    PE Dictionary-linked to Taster to KS4 key terminology
Assignment issued on Google Classroom- linked to fitness components, explanations linked to sporting examples and justification of need to specific sports PDF of assignment saved on HUB too. 

Taster to KS4 is set as an assignment with a hand in date set at the end of week 6. 

Feedback will be given by PE staff on WWWs and EBIs.


Performing Arts (Dance) mbfho6g Phone Number Dance Lesson – construct a routine combining different moves Resources can be found on Google Classroom
Performing Arts (Music) xq6khh4 Complete the next two listening listening tests from the next genres in your book – these will be teen pop and soft rock.


Also make sure that in the booklet that you have printed off, you write in likes and dislikes of some of the other genres mentioned in between – Nu Metal and Emo. Make sure you give valid musical reasons for your answers.

Booklet in google classroom for you to

read through and watch the extracts.

When you listen to the different

extracts, consider the different

distinguishing musical features.

Self-marking listening tests in google


Resources can be found on Google Classroom

Performing Arts (Drama) mbfho6g Improvise /Write and script your own podcast or BLOG/VLOG from the island – as if you were to film it. 

  • What would you say?
  • What experiences have you had on the island?
  • You could be in role (i.e. a different character) or you could be yourself?
Watch other vloggers/ You tubers (fake and real)
Resources can be found on Google Classroom

Please see resources link Find guidance here

N/A Find resources here