Year 9 Week 14

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All Subjects Summary

Well, here we are at the last week of term and also the year. It’s been a totally unique year for all of us but we are looking forward to having you back in school.  

For year 9 students we are now only expecting you to complete work for your chosen subject (The table below has now been updated to reflect the additional subjects)

Parents should have received a statement via email confirming GCSE choices. If you have not received it, a copy is also available under reports within the Sims Parent App or can also be obtained by contacting

Below you will find a brief summary of all the work that has been set for this week.

You will find that the work shared on here has been done on a subject level not day by day basis, this is partly because each student’s timetable is slightly different. You will also note that there are a variety of different tasks depending on the subject – for example art has extended pieces of work as they would have had in school, this can span across a number of weeks to ensure that the quality of work can remain high rather than rushing it into a ’50min’ time period. 

We are happy for students to organise themselves as best fits them; however we would recommend following their school timetable. This would enable students to be spend a reasonable amount of time to remain focussed on one subject, would allow them to organise themselves on a day to day basis, complete all the work and provide increased variety to the week. 


There is work for each of the lessons that students would have had at school, however, we would ask both guardians and students to consider wellbeing and although we would want the work to be completed to support their education when we return to school, please take time for other activities such as cooking, mindfulness etc and ensure exercise forms part of your everyday routine (Joe Wicks is leading a 9am workout every morning on the body coach you tube site.)

Although we feel that this school work is extremely important for all the students we also appreciate that their mental health is so important during these unknown times. We have recently sent an email to all students put together by the Mental Health Ambassadors, reminding students that there is information, advice and guidance on the Chase Care pages and useful numbers for organisations offering vital support such as Kooth.


If still experiencing technical difficulty please contact

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Subject Google Classroom Code Activities (See classroom resources)

mf5bgzr9QIA DS/GS
omtmry59QJU CK/LC
r4lokvc9RHA KT
exmyrcc9RIA JS/GS
2plv72x9RJU CK/HY
This week we will be exploring how important the opening

of a piece of writing is to engage the reader. By looking at

other writers’ openings, we can improve our own.


-Complete lesson 2- Openings

– Pick your own favourite story opening, it can be a book you

have at home or a book you can access online. Why is it your

favourite opening? What questions does it create? Write

half a page answering these questions.


Individual Class Teachers for your code

Please see the individual classes for work 

All work is to be completed on MyMaths with deadlines set accordingly with ‘Online Homework’ completed to match the work. 

Topics include:

    • Probability revision
    • Listing outcomes
    • Experimental probability
    • Relative frequency
    • Independent probability
    • Making tree diagram

9QS1 – fff56ye

9QS2 – aezegpe

9QS3 – dmvkmro

9RS1 – nrq2gvi

9RS2 – ek3pwcr

9RS3 – lrdlhzr

9QS1 – Organisation/Plant Transport, Chemistry of the Atmosphere and Energy

9QS2 – Organisation, Using resources and Energy

9QS3 – Earth’s Resources, Chemistry of the Atmosphere and Energy

9RS1 – Energy, Chemistry of the Atmosphere and Organisation plants

9RS2 – Organisation, Chemistry of the Atmosphere and Energy

9RS3 – Plant organisation, Chemistry of the Atmosphere and Organisation 2

You should have received an invite o a new Google Classroom Complete the summary sheet on cause, prevention and treatment for the 3 periods of time we have covered so far on the GCSE course


Individual class codes – ccontact teachers if you do not know.

Globalisation and Development Topic 

‘Y9 Geography Globalisation and Development’ workbook. Read and complete tasks on pages 26-28 about: Globalisation: good or bad?

Mrs George-Plunkett


Mrs Silvester


New GCSE Topic – Social Justice 

Having completed the assignment last week reflect on your feedback and complete the DIRT you have been given.


TBA Learn week 6 of module 5’s vocab list then complete the test.

    1. Task 1 – listen to the 5 people talk and match what they say to the 5 photos
    2. Task 2 – listen again, are they positive (P), negative (N) or both (PN) about where they live?
    3. Task 3 – match the starts and the ends of the sentences
    4. Task 4 – read the texts and fill in the gaps with the correct word

To help with your French over the summer you may wish to do some of these tasks: 

    1. Learn avoir, être, faire and aller off by heart in the present, perfect and future tenses.
    2. Go onto estream and watch a French film. There is Les Choristes (The Chorus), Kirikou and Le Petit Nicholas as well as Jean de Florette which are all good.
    3. Look at the crêpe recipe in the summer work section on GC, make some crêpes, take a photo and send it to Miss Hunt to show how awesome you are


TBA Learn this week’s vocab Spanish. Week 7 in module 5.

In Google Classroom go to Assignment week 14_Los festivales en Espana (follow instructions)

    1. Lesson 1. Online lesson Monday 13 July 11.00
    2. Lesson 2. Work through PowerPoint + worksheet
    3. Lesson 3. Create a poster about your preferred Spanish festival.


TBA Learn sections module 2 F and G of the vocab – school uniform


Using the the document ‘uniform and colours as  adjectives’

Task one

A Reorder the sentences

B Translate into German

C Find and correct the mistakes

Task Two

Translate the paragraphs into English

Task three

Answer the questions


Open the ‘worksheet – einen, eine, ein’ and work through the grammar exercises, making notes in your book


To help with your German over the summer you may wish to do some of these tasks: 

  • Linguascope conjugation station – try to learn and practice verbs Key ones are : gehen, fahren, geben, gehen, machen, sein
  • – in the beginners sections find ‘German verbs for beginners’ You can also find topics we have done….start with Schuluniform
  • Music – Listen to German music on Youtube – try and find a group or artist you like. Try Sarah Connor, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Herbert Grünemeyer, Xavier Naidoo
  • Search the internet for a recipe for Lebkuchen. Have a go at understanding the recipe instructions in German and then have a go at baking them. Take a photo and e-mail me!

Duolingo – get signed up and work your way up the levels. Five HP in September for the student who has got the furthest!

Resistant Materials
9QA – qappgkl

9QB – iz6ceaf

9QC – x3liv6t

9QD – fuswfcl

9RA – pzw3zis

9RB – pugk7g2

9RC – swoga2l

9RD – zbdkop4

The work of Past and Present Designers Design task – follow the instructions on the attached assignment. This is week You should be finishing the project


Resistor colour codes and resistors in series and parallel test

jgbs2ql Street Art


You should now be in the finishing stages of this work and should be ensuring it is presented well, ready to be used for next years work. 

Over the last few weeks you have been completing tasks on Corona Street Art. This is the final task but should take a minimum of 6 hours to complete correctly! 


Task 3

Use the information you found in task 1 and any other ideas you have come up with to design your own mural on the A3 blank Bowery wall provided for you. Apply colour carefully

preferably paint but use whatever materials are available to you. Consider scale of the design, don’t do anything too small and fiddly but then you need to make sure you have enough images

in your design to achieve impact. 

This should take minimum of 6 hours

Photography xnb2is3 PORTRAITURE.

These tasks should take a few weeks you should now have handed in Task one (deadline was 12th June) and should be completing task 2 (deadline 17th July.)

Follow the Task sheet that can be found on the classroom 

Watch video and make notes on taking better photographs

Using what you have learned from the video, take about 5 pictures showing your use of The Rule of Thirds.

Your second task is to change your face (or someone else) in 10 different ways. Whether you choose to use yourself and do self-portraits, or use a model, you need to stick to the same person on all 10 photographs.

YouTube Video

iMedia You should have all now had a code if not please contact the teachers Please could ALL continue with their iDEA award.

Year 9 iMedia students

There is a project to be completed over a few weeks. This has been updated and assigned to you however if you know

you have opted for Creative Media and are not included

please get in touch via email.

py7rsny Please could ALL continue with their iDEA award.

GCSE Computer Science students should complete the Home learning workbook -Please note this workbook contains projects to be completed over the next few weeks. If you would like a printed copy of this please email!

9Q- Core PE- 5dj6sb3

9R- Core PE- jor6vpf

Challenges and fitness training programme to complete on health-related fitness components- Focus is on CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO GREEN STANDARD ‘Variation’

and different methods of training

GCSE PE If not known, contact your teacher Work focussed on Structure and Function of the musculoskeletal system review.

Google meet Monday 13 th July 11:00am

Kahoot quiz on what you have learnt so far.

Video to support power point for a review of what has been

covered so far.

QR codes available for GCSE Pod videos to further give

support on knowledge and understanding.

BTEC SPORT cnsy6qp This is a 2 week piece of work with a completion date of Wednesday 15th July. 


Complete the last area of content on learning Aim A- Responsibilities, looking at 3 key responsibilities and 5 wider responsibilities in response to their two leaders from wk. 9- 13.

Performing Arts (Dance) mbfho6g
xq6khh4 (OLD Code)

You will receive a new one for GCSE

This weeks work is to complete last week’s task! 

Task 1: Singing 1 (Focus On Sound)

Task 2: Reading Music – Basic Musical Symbols OR Advanced Signs (Focus On Sound)

Task 3: practise your solo performance then record and upload by Wednesday 15th July.

ludrcrx Research Project :

Stanislavski and Brecht :

1.Who are they and what do they believe in?

Write down 5 facts about both theatre

practitioners- do not just copy out wikipedia

    1. WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHY? HOW? Consider these qs about each man
    2. Find some key quotations about them or things they have said
    3. Make a mind map for each man – Looking at
    4. Historical and cultural factors
    5. Economic and political factors
    6. Technical and social factors
    7. Geographical and physical factors
    8. Other influences
Performing Arts (Design)
Health and Social Care Nightingale Hospital Research Project – information on Google Classroom 
Food Preparation Practical Assignment to be completed