Year 8 Week 3

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All Subjects Summary

Below you will find a brief summary of all the work that has been set for this week.   Please use the links below to go to subject areas which contain summary sheets, These will be updated as the week’s progress.

The links contain files which will have more detail on the work for each subject along with the resources that may be needed. We appreciate not everyone will have printers at home so students should feel free to simply write out the completed work on blank paper and look to have the correct headings for when this is brought into school. We would recommend trying to keep all the work that has been completed in the subject books which students all have or if on pieces of paper all within 1 folder.

There is work for each of the lessons that students would have had at school, however, we would ask both guardians and students to consider wellbeing and although we would want the work to be completed to support their education when we return to school, please take time for other activities such as cooking, mindfulness etc and ensure exercise forms part of your everyday routine (Joe Wicks is leading a 9am workout every morning on the body coach you tube site.)

Although we feel that this school work is extremely important for all the students we also appreciate that their mental health is so important during these unknown times. We have recently sent an email to all students put together by the Mental Health Ambassadors, reminding students that there is information, advice and guidance on the Chase Care pages and useful numbers for organisations offering vital support such as Kooth.


We are currently updating this page, apologies if any links break, please check back soon or report the issue via

Click Subject Name for Access to Summary Sheet and Resources

(These locations are updated directly by teaching staff week by week)

All Subjects in Year 8 (Links to Top Level Folder)


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Subject Google Classroom Code Activities Resources Location

Individual Class Teachers for your code

4 lessons

Starters 9-12 of SPAG Booklet

Competition Time!

Complete entry for Malvern Civic Society Competition. NB Do not email competition entry to Malvern Civic Society. stick in to your exercise book instead as the entry deadline has been suspended due to Covid-19

Use the help sheet in the resources section


Watch the following video on how to write your competition entry by Olivia Levez – Young Adult novelist.

Please follow government guidelines when doing your scrawl crawl!

Make sure you read the notes on her website and feel free to leave a comment about what you found helpful. Perhaps you could add what you think is your best line to the comment section?

Look out for what your teacher thinks is their best line!​


All resources can be found here


Individual Class Teachers for your code

Equations 2 – multi-step

Area of a trapezium


Contact your teacher for login information


Individual Class Teachers for your code

Different topics per science teachers and can be found on the relevant google classroom 

Topics include: 

  • Genes
  • Waves
  • Electromagnet
  • Earth
Google Classroom, Kerboodle

General Summary Here

  • Civil Rights Booklet Topic 1 
  • Make notes on the PowerPoint and/or your exercise book
Google Classroom


‘Y8 Geography Summer Term National Parks Booklet’. Read and complete tasks on pages 1-6 about:

  • What Are National Parks?
  • What Kind of Landscapes Can Be Found in Our National Parks?
  • What Are the Aims of Our National Parks?
  • Where Are Our National Parks?
‘Y8 Geography Summer Term National Parks Booklet’ found on the school Website (in both Word and pdf formats)
N/A Complete lesson 1 from the workbook: Religion & Art
Religion and Art workbook can be found here
jirh5nz FRENCH

  • Learn this week’s vocab for French.
  • You have an assignment on the perfect tense to complete.
  • Work through the PowerPoint and complete the 8 exercises in your exercise book. The last two exercises are extension work for those that would like a challenge.



  • Learn this week’s vocab Spanish.
  • You have an assignment on prepositions to complete.
  • First complete exercises 1 & 2 to review and practice your knowledge of rooms in the house and furniture.
  • Work through the PowerPoint and complete exercise 3 on prepositions.
Vocab list is on Google Classroom
  1. 2 point perspective cube and stairs worksheets.
  2. Design a leaflet to inform everyone about the importance of vitamins and minerals in the diet and what foods we should eat to supply them.
Resources can be found on Google Classroom and here
N/A This is an extended task and should have taken week 2 and now finished during this week (3) 


Task 2 from worksheet – Design task

Make sure that you draw your design on the actual item you have chosen. For example if you have decided to decorate an apron, draw the apron with your planned design on it.

Task 2 from the worksheet found here
dkeaftv Does 5G spread Coronavirus? Of course not, but Eamonn Holmes is now in trouble for saying it might!

  • Find at least TWO other examples of fake news relating to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Explain for each one

    • What the fake news was
    • How you know it was fake? (What different ways can you check?)
    • What damage might this fake news cause? (To whom, and how?)
    • What advice would you give to Eamonn Holmes? What should happen to make the situation better? 
    • Produce the work as a google doc / word doc / or hand write and take a photo?

Then upload to Classroom!

Full details can be found on the google classroom site

Additional links are:

ik5ocpp Look at the Knowledge Organiser which details some of the styles we will be discussing this term.
Look at the sheet titled ‘Queen’ and watch the clip and answer the questions. Listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and answer the questions.  Use the glossary on the sheet to help you. If you have access to a keyboard, guitar or a keyboard app, try to play the four chords detailed in the knowledge organiser. This will not take long but you will need to know these chords very well for the composition task later on in the term.
The Knowledge organiser, questions on the documentary and the listening test can all be found on google classroom under the title and date for the first 2 weeks of the summer term.


Answer questions on the document and then hand it in via google classroom.

    • Nando’s Work out 2 – Beginner , intermediate and advanced challenges Choose an indoor or outdoor space which is suitable.
  • Follow the Chase PE twitter for frequent challenges from the PE department
  • Also look at completing the couch to 5Km.
Nando’s workout Power point which is found here.  You may need you tube


Home Learning Task Find guidance here
N/A Students should watch the video or work though the powerpoint and then answer the questions or discuss them with others.

Find resources here