Year 7 Week 13

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All Subjects Summary

Work resources are now located entirely on google classrooms, please ensure you have enrolled onto them and you are completing all work assigned.

If any of you are having difficulty completing work via google classroom please take a moment to watch this video:


Below you will find a brief summary of all the work that has been set for this week.

You will find that the work shared on here has been done on a subject level not day by day basis, this is partly because each student’s timetable is slightly different. You will also note that there are a variety of different tasks depending on the subject – for example art has extended pieces of work as they would have had in school, this can span across a number of weeks to ensure that the quality of work can remain high rather than rushing it into a ’50 min’ time period. 

We are happy for students to organise themselves as best fits them; however we would recommend following their school timetable. This would enable students to be spend a reasonable amount of time to remain focused on one subject, would allow them to organise themselves on a day to day basis, complete all the work and provide increased variety to the week. 

There is work for each of the lessons that students would have had at school, however, we would ask both guardians and students to consider wellbeing and although we would want the work to be completed to support their education when we return to school, please take time for other activities such as cooking, mindfulness etc and ensure exercise forms part of your everyday routine (Joe Wicks is leading a 9am workout every morning on the body coach you tube site.)

Under lockdown you may be worried about the amount of time you are spending looking at a screen, but not all screen time is necessarily bad, and right now don’t forget how necessary

screen time is for your education and how useful technology has been to restore some sense of normalcy.

The problem arises when there is excess of recreational screen time, so when you are not working try not to be spending too much time watching TV or looking at your phone!

Here are some things you could do instead


  • Read a book
  • Visit a friend (maintaining social distance!)
  • Phone a friend or relative
  • Clean your room
  • Take a walk
  • Learn to cook something you’ve never cooked before
  • Paint a picture
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Go exploring
  • Solve a sudoku/crossword
  • Write in a journal 
  • Play a board game
  • Listen to music
  • Hang out with friends/family


Although we feel that this school work is extremely important for all the students we also appreciate that their mental health is so important during these unknown times. We have recently sent an email to all students put together by the Mental Health Ambassadors, reminding students that there is information, advice and guidance on the Chase Care pages and useful numbers for organisations offering vital support such as Kooth.


If still experiencing technical difficulty please contact


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Subject Google Classroom Code Activities (See classroom resources)








In the last three weeks of term we will be teaming up with the Art Department.

You are asked to read texts from The Book of Hope, which was published during the pandemic. The lessons focus on two short texts, a poem by Anthony Horowitz (and yes, he wrote Stormbreaker!) and a short story by Joseph Elliott. Your final task will be to write a poem or a short story called ‘Hope in Unexpected Places’ for The Book of Hope.

Please follow the link below to read more from this fabulous book, published by the Literacy Trust:

For Art you will be asked to illustrate your work. Top take part in the competition you will need to submit your poem or story together with your illustration. 


This week’s story to read is ‘Bag for Life’ by Joseph Elliot.

Read the story and then follow and complete all tasks on task sheet



Individual Class Teachers for your code

Please see the individual classes for work 

All work is to be completed on MyMaths with deadlines set accordingly with ‘Online Homework’ completed to match the work. 

Topics include:

  1. Median and range
  2. Mean and mode
  3. All averages
  4. Drawing pie charts
  5. Reading pie charts
  6. Line graphs
  7. Frequency tables and bar charts



7XG1 – ndo2g7q

7XG2 – mfpwmiz

7XG3 -tzvbvhr

7XG4 – hyqwzbd

7YG1 – n74bvud

7YG2 – 73jitkt

7YG3 – 46dxcjr

7YG4 – pdle2hx

  • 7XG1 – Genes/reproduction and Earth/ Space 
  • 7XG2 – Genes and Ecosystems
  • 7XG3 – Ecosystems and Electric Circuits
  • 7XG4 – Ecosystems and Genes/variation
  • 7YG1 – Energy and Genes
  • 7YG2 – Ecosystems and Electric Circuits
  • 7YG3 – Genes/Reproduction and Ecosystems
  • 7YG4 – Acids and Alkalis and Energy

Miss Brock- sytf7ge

Mr Rust- q22kxog

Ms Eberle- thhrsm

Restoration of Charles

  • Look at the Storyboard of events from Civil War to Charles II invited to be King. 
  • Read the Factfile on Charles II 
  • Complete the assessment quiz- to test knowledge and understanding of the topic so far
qfyhcg2 New topic Flooding – To construct and analyse a flood hydrograph and Examine causes and impacts of 2007 Worcester floods


Y7 Flooding Workbook lesson 11 (Compare and evaluate the impacts of the Bangladesh and Worcester floods) + assessed task:

  • MG G1-3: pg.37-40
  • MG G4-9: pg.38-42

Assessed task – complete the end of year quiz which will be uploaded for you to complete on Google Classroom and submit by

Friday 10th July.

Mr Harrington Ctk4osb

Mrs A Geroge Plunkett   4kghpw4

Mrs Silvester ovnmv3w

Complete week 13 from the workbook: Judaism: This is following on from last weeks work. 

  • To examine the obstacles the Brin family faced and how they were overcome
  • To consider the setbacks we may experience in life and how we might overcome them
  • Firstly listen to and read the story of Tomás and Angélica. Then take the test to show you have understood.
  • Using the Google document, create your own story of two people meeting, using speech bubbles IN SPANISH. You can use the verbs used in Tomá and Angélica story if it helps, or create your own, but remember to conjugate. You can either print out the sheet, draw on it, photo/scan and send it back to your teacher OR cut and paste pictures and add dialogue straight to the document.
  • Revise your vocab (all of module 3) and complete the Vocab test.
7XA – zblckue

7XB – f6ghgvi

7XC – ditjy2c

7XD – 72rnvyu

7XE – dfz7kkw

7YA – x25gcw2

7YB – n4oeogp

7YC – bhexpej

7YD – mhiufwj

7YE – gjacs3t

This is week 2 of a 2 week project looking at the work of Past and Present Designers



The Chase ‘Book of Hopes’

The English and Art department have joined forces and would like everyone to be part of The Chase’s own online ‘Book of Hopes’. 


Follow instructions from the English tasks and combine words and images for your entry. There are no restrictions from art to what materials you would like to work in to illustrate your work. Please send your work to both Mrs Blkeley and your english teacher. 

Ideas can be found at

NEW CODE!!!!!!


This week, 6th July, you are going to learn some new Computer Science key words and facts!


You will do this by watching videos of the IT teachers reading out rhymes about various computing topics, then you will need to access the Google Quiz below the video section and answer the multiple choice questions!


We have set up a new Year 7 Video Classroom for this, you will need to use the class code below, and join the class to be able to access the videos and quizzes.

Class code: gvlmvhl (you will need to click on the + sign in the top right of your browser and enter this code to join the class)


I will be posting new videos and quizzes each week!


7RU – yxkcl6v

7MY – nnwsnw2

7ED – 2f7miee

7CL – 6dhhggt

7PKN – f3pdgx4

7JBU – dd3mwbq

7BDV – hbylqkm

7ELV – oxdxokq

Task 1: revision quiz on general notation/music- reading

Task 2a: revise information on the Classical period of music

Task 2b: listening quiz on a piece of Classical music

7X Boys and Girls-


7Y Boys


7Y Girls


Fitness Training log- looking at developing more variation into your training, using different methods of training – consider doing some interval, fartlek training or running a longer distance. 


Next week is your final week and we want to encourage you to design your own log to keep over the Summer Holidays


Don’t forget to look at the fitness challenge this week its great to see the responses from these come in!

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