Year 12 Bridging Work

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Dear Students

PowerPoint From the Video Above

Welcome to our dedicated Sixth Form support page.  The subject links are below.  This will be an evolving site with more content being added.

In addition to subject specific content, I hope to share updates of more generic information and some helpful links to support your transition into the sixth form as well as getting you thinking about life after sixth form (yep, the planning starts now!)

I truly hope you and your family are well and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

If you do have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact Ms Massam or myself.

In some cases staff will have invited you to new google classrooms so please login to Google classroom and accept their invitations

If you are an external student joining the school, you will not be able to join our google classrooms until you are provided with a chase student account.  Please click the icons below which will take you to google drive locations for transition work from Year 11 to Year 12

Mr R. Williams

Head of Sixth Form

Contact Information

Mr R Williams

Head of Sixth Form

Ms L. Massam

Pastoral Leader

Miss L. Mesoudi

Academic Leader