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This Page is no longer being maintained but will stay live in case of further school lockdown over the coming months

 Please use the appropriate links below to direct you to the all subject summaries

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Final Week  (Starting 13th July 2020)

Information and lesson resources all provided via Google Classroom

PSHE Home Learning Task

has been made available via Google classroom code:  4q7t3gg

Resources also available here

SMSC Home Learning Task:

Students should watch the video or work though the powerpoint and then answer the questions or discuss them with others.

Resources available here

Resources for students going from Year 11 to 12  is now available here

For current KS5 all information and lesson resources are provided via Google Classroom

Note  for Year 13 Students:   

As the school receives more information about examination grades we will keep you informed, In the meantime, sadly you no longer need to complete set work.  If you are planning to study a subject next year this would be a perfect time to read ahead of the work that you will be doing.


We recommend you also take a look at our Supporting Children Learning From Home page as it contains lots of useful information about creating spaces,  expectations etc


Microsoft Office 365

We often get access about Word Excel and Powerpoint. During your time here at the school all students have access to the full Office 365 Just click the link above and use your school email address and password to log in.  Students also have the ability to download the Office package from this website for use on their own equipment.  You will have 1TB of school-assigned OneDrive space available.

***Please note that after leaving The Chase, your OneDrive area and any documents available on it will be removed once your account is disabled.  The Chase cannot be held responsible for any data loss, it is the users responsibility to maintain their own documents held on OneDrive.***