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Welcome to The Chase, If you are a new student coming to us or indeed an existing student looking for information you will find this page useful. It explains how to logon to the many systems available to you at the Chase.

Student App Registration Guide

Links can be accessed from the menu system above to enable quick and direct access to the resources you need.  If not sure what each of the resources does read on for a quick explanation!

If you are a parent of a student here at The Chase and are looking for other information please use our main school website where there is a dedicated parents section as well as a link back to this homepage.   You may also be interested in visiting our virtual tours section to help familiarise yourself with the layout of the school.

1st Day

Lots of information with be coming to you on the first day, one of the most important things is your IT Welcome pack. This A5 Leaflet will contain your username and password as well as other useful information,

Please keep it safe!


If your parent/guardian has opted into the Chromebook scheme these will be available for collection on your first day in school (for Year 7 that’s Monday 6th September) You will need your IT Welcome pack in order to collect the Chromebook so please keep that safe!

Once collected, please keep your Chromebook at home until instructed by teaching staff to bring it into school.

(Possibly the most important aspect to maintaining communication with your teachers and activating accounts)

Click the icon or use the menu at the top of this page to access your school email

Want to have school email on your phone? please follow the instruction video below

Note: If using google classroom you will get an error if you attempt to use google gmail service. Students must use the school email system by logging on via the menu system above.

Your email address is:  <yourusername> 


Your Logon: <school email address> 


Your password:  Your normal password

Note: Year 7 students account passwords are locked for the first few weeks, this enables us assist you during induction.

Note:  Should you not be in school and do not know your password please email and we will reset it for you.

Note:  Keep your student mailbox clear, do not let it fill up with junk as this will prevent you from sending/receiving email.

You can even set up access to this on mobile devices using exchange type settings. 

This facility is intended for internal school communication only between students teachers and vice versa. Notification of achievement points, google classroom updates and invites are also sent to this address.

Any misuse of the system will result in pastoral staff being informed.  

Sims Student Web Access is essential for all students here at the Chase.  This facility allows students to quickly access their timetable, homework planner as well as attendance, behaviour and achievement point information.   Students will have received an invite to this new service via their school email addresses.  If you have let the invite expire please contact IT support for a fresh invite to be sent out –


Click HERE for a full guide on the registration process

  • WATCH the video in the link above before starting
  • If you get an expired invite error, please email and ask for another one (You MUST use your school email address to do this)
  • Students MUST use their use school provided Google account e.g
  • NOTE: DO NOT attempt to use Sims ID (You must choose Google as the sign in method)
  • You will not be able to log on to the web version or the App until you have received and activated your invite that has been sent to your school email address.
  • If you attempt to use any other account to register you will likely have issues and will require a fresh invite to be sent out.

If you are having difficulty please come and see us in IT Support or send an email to

Please login with your school provided email address (See above)  and normal password.

This service can be accessed by any modern internet browser, we recommend Chrome.  There is also an mobile app for classroom but you will also need  the Google docs apps in order to edit documents.

In order to join a class, you will need to have been provided with multi-character class code from your teacher or have been specifically been invited to a class. If you think you are missing certain classes please contact the relevant member of staff or department via your school email. 

Google classroom, Google Meet, Docs are all part of a suite of packages made available to students using the school email account.  Google Meet is the video conferencing element that is used to run live lessons should; school close for Covid19 purposes

If you are having difficulties with accessing the various systems using your home technology please get in touch with your tutor, or year leader so the school is aware.  Should you have technical queries please email or use the online support system available from the bottom right corner on this site.

Below are some video guides on how google classroom works along with a video to assist home users managing multiple google accounts.


We often get access about Word Excel and Powerpoint. During your time here at the school all students have access to the full Office 365 Just click the link above and use your school email address and password to log in.  Students also have the ability to download the Office package from this website for use on their own equipment.  You will have 1TB of school-assigned OneDrive space available.

***Please note that after leaving The Chase, your OneDrive area and any documents available on it will be removed once your account is disabled.  The Chase cannot be held responsible for any data loss, it is the users responsibility to maintain their own documents held on OneDrive.***

This link will take you to the main school calendar.  There is also the option to subscribe to this calendar on your mobile device.

You can log in to this resource by just choosing login via google at the login screen and using your school provided Google account <username>

GCSEPod is an award-winning, user-friendly and convenient way of providing your students with exactly the subject knowledge they need to succeed, in short, sharp, student-friendly 3-5 minute chunks. Written by practising teachers and filtered by the exam board, GCSEPod is proven to help improve outcomes – whatever their prior attainment.

Packed with customisable learning content, assessment materials and reporting tools

Kerboodle provides Teacher notes, planning materials and on-screen lesson presentations,  A range of assessment materials including auto-marked tests, self-assessment checklists and a variety of support materials.  In-depth reporting functionality to monitor homework and track progress.  An extensive bank of learning resources including videos, animations, podcasts, worksheets and digital versions of the textbooks.  A wealth of help and support.

Our own YouTube, This is a hugely valuable resource for storing and viewing videos, films etc. DVD’s are a thing of the past and soon this will be the only place to go to view videos.

Teaching staff, did you know that as well as recording live TV and you can access the BBC’s entire back catalogue, going back decades using this resource! iPlayer on steroids!

This is the access portal for the school library system, Clicking the link will automatically login you in as guest but you can log in as yourself by clicking in top right corner and choosing “Login via SSO” Then you can use your normal school email address and password.

New year 7 Students will be provided with a library card once school photographs have been taken .  DO NOT loose this card as replacements are charged for.