Student App Tour

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A brief tour of the Sims Student App…

Search the App store for on your phone for “Sims Student” or click the links below


The first screen when you launch the App

You will be asked to choose your sign in method, You must use the same one you choose when completing registration

(Highly recommend you use the  school provided Microsoft or Google accounts)


Main screen



You can tap on any messages in order to get further details.



The Planner

You can view your planner information quickly and easily. This way you know exactly where you where you should be and who you are being taught by.


Please note the slider which enables you to choose if you are looking at due homework or homework handed in. Note the bar is on “Due in“!
The member of staff setting the homework is displayed as well as the date it was set.

This information is also made available on the Sims Parent App

Note the bar is on “Handed in“!

For example, for a year 11 student we can see that he has handed in his Food, Maths and Dance homework.