Student App Registration Guide

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User Guide for the App is available from here

Please read the following instructions carefully!  This process is best carried out in school!

Step 1:  Open your invitation email that was sent to your school registered email address. If you don’t know how to access your school email click here


Step 2: Check your name and click on the “Register” button.

IMPORTANT:   You will asked to login using one of many providers,   Please use  Google as the option and then your school email address and normal password

If at this point you receive a message that states you need a new registration code please either come and see us in IT support or email


Step 3: Type in your date of birth following the format of dd/mm/yyyy. For example 26/02/2005

Step 4: After clicking on the Verify button you might see this screen for a few seconds. This is normal

Step 5:  Once this has completed you can then use your school google account  to login to either the App or the web version.  You must use the account that was used to register during the process (See Step 2)