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If you are parent/student looking for help on Google Classroom please visit our student pages as guidance here whilst possibly of use is primarily aimed at teaching staff. 

Note:  We have recently become aware of the 100 student limitation when using normal assignments (i.e documents that are distributed to students for them to edit)

We recommend that google classes are created as either per class or at the very maximum a single classroom for say the 3 classes you teach.

Below you will find set of videos that shows the teacher and student view alongside each other to demonstrate how google classroom can work if used correctly by teaching staff.

Chapter 1 – The Basics

Below are the direct chapter links to this video (You will need to login to estream to play these

(Choose Login via Chase Computer Account) then login normally)

Chapter 2 – Creating Content – Basic Questions

Chapter 3 – Creating Content – Creating Assignments (The wrong way)

Chapter 3 – Creating Content – Creating Assignments (The right way)

Chapter 4 – Creating Content – Creating Assignments (Student upload own file)

Chapter 5 – Creating Content – Creating Quiz assignments

Chapter 5 – Creating Content – Summary

Dealing with Word Documents and Google documents  (The latter being essential for assignments where students edit the document to hand in)

Please do NOT issue Word documents for students to edit as assignments, the workflow  for the student when this is done becomes needlessly complex as they do not get a “Turn in” option and have to save the document and upload it manually to the assignment in Google classroom



Additional Information


  • Managing email notifications
  • Setting up Descriptions of Google classrooms to help students identify them (Something we get queries from parents on the helpdesk about)
  • 100 student Limitation
  • Copying entire Classes
  • Multi Posting content against multiple classes (possibly helpful at KS3)


  • Create classes and name them clearly as students sometimes have many classes and its sometimes difficult to see clearly which class relates to what

Example:  Use the Sims Class code (08QG2/RE)

Note:  For the best experience classes created in Google Classroom should be created and run by the actual class teachers.  Try to avoid Classes where an entire cohort of students are members. Whilst this can work for certain subjects that are not using assignments  ff you are going to be collecting work from students this may be present some logistical problems.

When creating the class you will be presented with some different fields:

      1. Classname (This is what students will see on their app/website)
      2. Class Description (You can put what you like here)
      3. Section  (This is really important as it helps the student identify which subject is which)
      4. Room (Not really relevant but feel free to put your room number)
      5. Subject  (Fairly Obvious,Google uses it to autotheme the classroom for that class)


  • Look at the people tab on google classroom this  will show what teachers are members and more importantly what students are members


Adding Content

  • When creating content, we STRONGLY suggest work is posted under the classwork tab rather than under stream.  Anything new posted will show in the stream anyway.  By creating posts under classwork you will have much more control over layout and be able to group things under topics etc as your content develops.
  • Topics can be anything they can even be Say Week 1, Week 2 etc  which may prove useful over the coming weeks.
  • We recommend you create topics first and then add work to them as you post material and other assets.


Types of Classroom Asset

Assignment  – Use this for creating multiple copies of work you want students to fill in and send back to you. (Be careful using document types that are not editable (PDF’s etc)

Quiz Assignment –  Links to Google forms for you to essentially set a test for students

Question – A quick simple method of asking students to answer a question (Either simple multiple-choice or a short response sentence or two). You will then be able to see immediate responses from students

Material  – Basic Lesson content, Presentations, PDF’s etc. When creating lesson materials try and give students PDF’s where possible, whilst Word Docs will work sometimes formatting can be an issue.

ReUse Post  – Recycle a previous post for you to edit, useful to save time

TOPIC – Enables you to organise work on the classwork page. Material and content can be moved from topic to topic


Controlling Student Comments

  • Decide on whether you want students to comment within the stream (The default is that they CAN)
    1. Click the cog on the top right of your class
    2. Change the setting marked below by the red dotted box:



Some other useful links for working with Google classroom

Googles Own Training Centre (Some very useful video guides)

A UK based video recently uploaded

Creating, distributing, marking and returning work to students