Google Meet Guidance

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When using google meet please be aware of the following

  • Student cannot create meeting or enter a room prior to a teachers arrival in it. (assuming they are logged on as there school account)
  • Google Meet is integrated to Google Classroom (see screenshots below)  There is no need to create google meets via (in fact this making this more complex for students as the entry code will keep changing.
  • Google Meets are routinely recorded by staff to ensure safeguarding.
  • Google meet will NOT work properly when logged on through Citrix,
  • If your struggling please email

To get started teachers will need to enable google meet for your classroom by clicking on the section highlighted:  If this is not showing for your class, ask your teacher to generate it. The meeting link, once active can be made invisible by the teacher at any time.


Once this step has been completed the Google Meeting “room” is setup and can be used over and over, with teachers just entering it by licking the link.

Note:  Students cannot enter the room without the teacher being in there first as they do not have permission to create google meetings using their school logon.

Students who are using the Google Classroom App will not see this link but will have Google meeting link as shown in the image below:

Note:  Students must have the Google Meet App installed on their device to join a meeting on an iPhone/iPad etc, This is available for free via the App Store.