Google Accounts

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Students signing in and out of different accounts on a single machine/device

Our IT Support team is fielding a number of queries at present to do with multiple google accounts.  This issue seems to be a common problem when one computer in the household is shared between both parents and children.

Students at The Chase need to be signed in to Google, using their school email address and password.
Should you be logged into google as another account you will no doubt be struggling with “requesting access” messages, this is because you are trying to access to the file using your personal Google Gmail account.



The easiest way around this is for your son, or daughter to use another web browser on the computer that is being used.
e.g. if your account is signed in using Internet Explorer, we suggest they use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for example. When at school, students do not experience this issue as they log on to the machine they are using as themselves.

The other option if possible is to create a separate account on the laptop or computer you are using. 

Below you will find some helpful links you can follow in order to segregate accounts on your device

Adding accounts to Windows 10 laptops and computers:

Adding accounts to Apple Mac computers:

Adding accounts to Chromebooks: