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All these resources can be accessed from the menu above to enable quick and direct access to the resources you need.  If not sure what each of the resources does read on for a quick explanation!

Following the school closure due to coronavirus outbreak, many staff are working from home.  The best option by far for working from home is Citrix remote access, and we highly recommend you familiarise yourself with accessing this platform. The system is under considerable pressure so please make sure you log off when you are not using it.  If we notice the system is close to its limit and there are dormant sessions we may log you off risking the loss of unsaved files.

If you need assistance please email  

We can remotely control your session but we are limited to the Citrix window itself, we cannot support your local hardware and operating system at this time.


Laptops/Chromebooks and Other Mobile devices

Over the last few days we have had a number of queries from staff who are seeking to purchase their own hardware, Our advice at this stage is that if you are going to be just using the device for work and office related tasks a Chromebook represents the best value as can be used to quickly access Citrix to give you the Windows desktop you are familiar with at school.

If you must have conventional windows laptop try to keep to known brands but the most important aspect is that the unit is SSD based as opposed to HDD.  HDD (Hard Disk Drive) tends to be larger (1TB, 750GB etc)  but are much slower. So, in this case, bigger is not actually better. SSD’s tend to have sizes in the range of 120GB or 256GB but are 4 or 5 times faster and the unit will boot up in seconds rather than minutes.  If you are unsure about the specification and would like us to cast our technical eye over one you are looking at online, please feel to email us a link or two and will check it over for you.

You also find this guidance useful  that we have provided for parents and students


Password Expiry

In the event of not being able to attend school and the possibility of password expiry causing issues logging on to Citrix and using email on mobile devices etc

You can reset your password remotely by going via web access email by going to

Once logged in click on the cog symbol (top right corner) and select change password.


Citrix Remote Access

Logon to the school desktop which includes access to the Full suite of Microsoft Office software as well as many other software packages. You can do this from anywhere and on any device (the experience on a small screen is less than ideal) You can access your files and save work to your area exactly as if you are in school.  

With the restrictions now on pen drives, this is the place to work. Available from anywhere on anything. If you are experiencing difficulty using this system please see a member of the IT Support team.

Note: if you are trying to use this system on an iPad you will need to download the Free App from the app store called “Citrix Workspace”

Note2:  Whilst technically you can do this on a mobile phone, please don’t as for obvious reasons the screen is simply not big enough to be of any functional use.

If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing this system a couple of pointers for you to check:

  1. What browser are you using?, The Best performance is gained by using Google Chrome, if you have not downloaded and installed it do it now.
  2. Citrix no longer requires a client software install, you if you are experiencing difficulty Uunistall anything Citrix related in your add/remove programs and just use the latest version of Chrome.
  3. If you experience slowness this is generally a localised issue with your machine or wifi/broadband.  Check your internet speed by going to   if it reports anything below about 2Mbps then you may want to consider upgrading your package especially if you have others in your house using the internet.   A good speed for a family of 4 where you have children using online games/netflix etc is in excess of 30Mbps!
  4. Although this not not required, A richer experience (Sound and webcams ) can be obtained  by using the full workspace application that you can install on your home pc (windows, Mac etc)  The workspace app can be downloaded from here:  Once installed change your receiver method my clicking on your name in the top right corner once logged in (before you actually connect)


Google Classroom

This facility is rapidly being adopted by subject departments and faculties.  If you would like to use it and would like further guidance please contact IT Support who will help get you started. Your login is your school email address and normal password.

We are currently developing some guidance on using this facility, please find this page here:

Room Booking System

The school uses an online system for booking rooms and other resources, This link will take you straight to the teacher login page to enable you to books Computer Rooms, Meeting Rooms and other resources.



Staff Access Parents Evening System

The school uses an online system for parents evening bookings, This link will take you straight to the teacher login page to enable you to set breaks and view your appointments for the evening.





GCSEPod is an award-winning, user-friendly and convenient way of providing your students with exactly the subject knowledge they need to succeed, in short, sharp, student-friendly 3-5 minute chunks. Written by practicing teachers and filtered by exam board, GCSEPod is proven to help improve outcomes – whatever their prior attainment.


Chase eStream Video

Our own YouTube, This is a hugely valuable resources for storing and viewing videos, films etc. DVD’s are a thing of the past and soon this will be the only place to go to view videos.

Teaching staff, did you know that as well as recording past and present live TV from the usual Free to Air channels (BBC1, BBC 2, ITV etc)  and you can access the BBC’s entire back catalogue, going back decades using this resource! Think iPlayer for all channels in once place!


Accessit Library System

The school is currently migrating the library system over to a new system that will provides lots of new features, Launching in September 2019 – Watch this space!




School Calendar

This link will take you to the main school calendar.  There is also the option to subscribe to this calendar on your mobile device.