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Aspens National Customer Survey – November 2019

Providing a quality catering service that meets the expectations and satisfaction levels of our
clients and customers is core to the values of Aspens Services.

As part of this commitment, we are conducting a National Customer Survey in our Secondary, SixthForm and College Units.

In order to continually improve, we want to understand how satisfied our customers are with the
food and service we provide. We would also like to establish if there are any improvements we
can make to inspire more people to eat with us.

The survey is an online survey only. It is simple and quick to complete and can be accessed
directly by the link below.

Click here to start survey!

The best way to get a high level of response, is to ask for the survey to be completed at a specific
time, for example during an IT lesson, a registration session or managed through a free period. Or
alternatively, emailed to all students centrally if this is possible. We would be very grateful if you
could support us with this and encourage as many open and honest responses from your staff and
students as possible.

We would like close the survey on Friday 20th December 2019 so that we can report the results
ready for the new year.

The feedback is really important to us and please be assured that we will actively use the
comments to improve what we do.

Many thanks

Andrea Walton
Head of Marketing